Tapas Board


Patatas Bravas 3.95 V/GF
Fried potatoes with a spicy brava sauce.

Pimientos De Padron 4.45 V/GF
Pan fried Spanish peppers with rock salt.

Mejillones Marinera 5.25 V/GF
Sauteed mussels with white wine, garlic, onions, peppers and tomatoes.

Calamares A La Romana 5.95
Deep fried calamari in tempura.

Croquetas De Verduras 4.95 V
Croquettes with spinach.

Selecion De Pan Y Aceitunas 3.95
A selection of breads, with olives and Extra virgin olive oil.

Chorizo A La Riojana 4.75 GF
Sweet baby chorizos with potatoes and sauce.

Estofado Del Dia 4.95 GF
Stew of the day, meat/fish/vegetarian.
Please see your server.

Chorizo A La Riojana 4.75 GF
Sweet baby chorizos with potatoes and sauce.

Estofado Del Dia 4.95 GF
Stew of the day, meat/fish/vegetarian.
Please see your server.

Champiniones Con Ajo 4.25 V/GF
Sauteed mushrooms with garlic.

Ensaladilla Rusa Con Atun 4.95 GF
Russian salad with potatoes, peppers, onions,
peas, egg, sweetcorn, tuna and mayonnaise.

Esparragos Con Jamon Iberico 4.95
Grilled asparagus wrapped in Jamon Iberco.

Albondigas De Ternera 4.95
Beef meatballs in a rich tomato sauce.

Croquetas De Jamon 4.95
Croquettes with cured Iberico ham.

Mejillones Tigres 4.95
Large mussel shell halves filled with a puree of
mussels and vegetables in bread crumbed.

Chorizo Al Diablo 4.75 GF
Spicy mini chorizos with chunky potatoes.

Albondigas De Cerdo En Salsa 4.95
Pork meatballs in an almond sauce.

Gambas Al Pil-pil 6.95 GF
Sauteed prawns with garlic, extra virgin
olive oil, parsley, chillies and brandy.

Patatas Con Allioli 3.95 V/GF
Chunky potatoes in a garlic mayonnaise.

Escalivada Con Queso De Cabra 4.75
Caramelised goats cheese with roasted mixed
peppers, onions and aubergine.

Tortilla Espanola 3.95 V/GF
Spanish potato omelette.

Picadillo De Tomate 4.95 V/GF
A mixed tomato salad with rock salt and
Alberquina D.O.P. extra virgin olive oil.

Patatas Al Horno 3.95 V/GF
Roasted potatoes with rosemary and thyme.


Guindillas Dulce Y Picante 2.95 V/GF
Sweet pickled chilles/Hot pickled chillies.

Olivas Dulce/Picante Gordal 2.95 V/GF
Large Gordal olives Spicy/Sweet.

Olivas Aberquina 2.95 V/GF
Aberquina olives D.O.P.

Olivas Manzanilla 2.95 V/GF
Manzanilla olives.

Olivas Manzanilla 2.95 V/GF
Manzanilla olives stuffed with anchovy.

Anchoas De Ortiz 4.45 V/GF
Ortiz anchovy fillets in oil.


Tabla De Quesos Variadas 4.95
Traditional cheeses from the regions of Spain. D.O.P. with Quince and Fig.
Tetia de Galicia
Payoyo, Sierra de Cadiz Chorizo
Manchego Curado
La Peral de Asturias

Tabla De Chacinas 4.95
Traditional cured Iberico meats from the regions of Spain. D.O.P.
Chorizo Iberico de Bellota.
Chorizo picante de leon.
Salchicon Iberico de Bellota.
Lomo Iberico de Teruel.

Tabla De Verduras 4.95
Platter of roasted mixed peppers, asparagus, mushrooms, courgettes, aubergine, and tomatoes with basil, garlic and ginger.

Jamon Iberico De Pata 6.95
Negra D.O.P. Jabugo
Hand cut fine slices of cured Iberico ham from Jabugo, world famous for it’s black pig D.O.P.


Solomillo De Cerdo 6.95
Pork fillet medallions with garnish.

Churrasquitos De Pollo 4.95 GF
Marinated chicken leg with potatoes.

Morcilla De Cebolla 5.95
Black pudding with onion, mushroom,
quail egg & cured ham on rustic bread.

Solomillo De Ternera 7.45 GF
Beef fillet medallions with garnish.

Bacalao Con Salsa De Pistacos 5.95
Baked cod with pistachio sauce.

Gambones Al Pil Pil 4.95 GF
Jumbo prawns with chillies and garlic.

Pimientos Del Piquillo Rellenos 6.45
Sweet peppers “del Piquillo” D.O.P. filled
with seafood and served with sauce.

Magret De Pato 6.25
Duck breast slices on rustic bread.


Servidos con verduras de temporada y patatas.
Served with seasonal vegetables and potatoes.

Salmon Al Vino Blanco 13.95 GF
Salmon in a white wine sauce.

Estofado Del Dia 12.95 GF
A homemade stew of the day, see server.

Paella De Marisco Min 2 per. 13.95 GF
Mixed seafood with rice. – Min 2 per. 13.95 pp

Solomillo Pedro Jimenez 23.95 GF
Fillet of beef with a Pedro Jiminez sauce.

Plato Vegetariano Del Dia 11.95 GF
Vegetarian dish of the day.

Lubina Con Jamon Iberico 13.95 GF
Fillets of seabass with Iberico cured ham.

Pechuga De Pollo Rellena De Sobrasada Y Queso 13.45 GF
Chicken breast fillet stuffed with Mallorcan sausage and cheese.